The Best Countries for You to Pack Up and Start Fresh
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The majority of lotto players have a list of places that they would like to visit if they ever strike it lucky and walk away with enough money to have them well on their way to living their dreams.  With the prizes that could be yours in the online lotto, not only could you travel to any country of your choice, but you could pack up, relocate, and start fresh in a completely new country!  It might be a bit tricky for you to decide on which one to relocate to, which is why we’ve provided you with a list of the best countries for you to move to:



This country is often the destination for workers who are looking to improve their career opportunities.  It might not be easy to make friends in this beautiful environment; however the opportunities for both career and travel are plentiful.  Waking up to a view like this – could you really go wrong?




Being one of the most vibrant places in the world, this country has just about everything you would need.  Transition into this country is easy, with some of the best amenities offered to you.  One of the best things about Taiwan is that it’s affordable, with a rich local life including night markets, amazing food, festivals, and of course celebrations too.




First and foremost we have to mention the great things about this country – food, culture, and weather.  Now that that’s out of the way, Mexico has always had a bad reputation for safety.  If you’re planning to move here there’s no need for you to worry about this though, with many expats stating that they do not live in fear.  With a great transportation system, this country ranks high in personal happiness.  You never know…it could also just be the nachos.




Such a great quality of life is offered in Australia that results in visitors never wanting to leave.  This country scores high for lifestyle, weather (beaches – any day), child raising and various other aspects which relate to having great daily experiences.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)



It should come as no surprise that this country is becoming the new haven for expats from all around the world, particularly the up-and-comers who are looking to better their careers as well as their financial situations.  Not only do they have excellent working options, but you will also be living the big city life and will have great child rearing options too.  It’s important to note that the culture is very conservative, with their being little to no room for Western trouble in their country.

With the Lotto Master bringing you all of the best international lottery games, you could be on your way to starting fresh in one of these beautiful countries a lot sooner than you think.  Once you’ve made your choice of which online lottery game you want to play, remember to make your number selections and place your entries before it’s too late.  So, why not get started right now and play the lotto online?  Best of luck!

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